27 October 2009

Crazy hair

Yay for long weekends, as far as my brain is concerned today is Monday.

As those of you who know me are no doubt aware, when it come to dealing with my hair I'm a brush-and-go kinda lass -- I don't even own a hairdryer. My hairdresser looked at me like I was a freak from another planter when she discovered that -- it's not my fault it broke after I defrosted part of the freezer with it (patience is not my middle name) and I wisely decided I didn't want sparks near my hair (I might not fuss much with my hair, but I don't want it burnt to nothing).
So, when I saw these pictures I simply had to post them - my goodness the time involved, and getting your hair to look normal again afterwards!

And since I putting up pictures that completely twist my brain...Music: Daft Punk
Currently reading: 'Dead Beat' by Jim Butcher

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