19 October 2009

Award ceremonies

Uber frustration - no internet all day! Nada, nothing, zip. Fie on you Mr. internet for thwarting my will.

Suffice to to say my internet provider will not be winning any awards - if there are awards to for that sort of thing, which there probably are. There seem to be awards in almost every industry, even New Zealand building contractors have an awards ceremony. This year the awards looked at projects from million dollar bridges to removing a pedigree cow stuck in a boggy ravine. There's even an "Oh Sh*t award", based on people submitting pictures of embarrassing moments in contracting, such as diggers stuck in rivers and tipped rollers. The Oscars it's not :)

And I'm not sure if there's an award to this either, but there should be. The Italian state police have received a customized Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4, capable of 325 km/h. I'm betting police around the world are green (or should that be blue) with envy.

And if you're after a bit of buff, Ancient Greek male body, tough and toned - check this out.

Okay, I may have outright lied about body, but the song cracked me up :)

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A Muser said...

Noting quite like the greek classics is there ;)