23 March 2009

Polite taggers

What the fxxx?
I spotted this at our local park the other day and my sense of humour was tickled. What is going on here? The way I see it here are a few options:

1. Their mouths have been washed out with soap so many times that even when vandalizing they can't bring themselves swear without censoring,

3. They've heard of the F word, but they don't actually know what it is.

2. They can't spell.

I'll leave it to you to make the call...

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Currently reading: 'Crimson City' by Liz Maverick.
Not a bad read so far but it's very much a book where I need to see how the author wraps it up before I can come to a verdict.

18 March 2009


I know the day is going to be slow when I wake up with a headache. More water, more caffeine, more sleep? Who knows.

Working on edits for my book coming out with The Wild Rose Press. Not sure on release date. The trouble with editing is you already know how the story ends. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to launching my first book out into the world.

Thought I would brighten the middle of the week with another Garfield minus Garfield:

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Currently reading: 'Burning Water' by Mercedes Lackey
This is an older book (1989), written before there were a lot of light urban fantasy that had witches in a positive light. She stopped writing these because of lack of sales, if they were being launched now I think they would have a lot more success.

11 March 2009

Eyeballs ache

Worked hard out over the last few days editing, eyeballs are now aching from too much screen time. I feel like it should be Friday - but it's only Wednesday. Still, at least it's almost lunch time.

The Garfield minus Garfield cartoons always give me a giggles. Check out these 2:

Currently reading: 'Dark of Night' by Suzanne Brockmann
Another good one from her.
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04 March 2009

In the News

How desperate would you have to be to drink hand gel for its alcohol content - is it just me or does this rank up there with meths & petrol?
I think if you find yourself mixing hand gel in with your orange juice just to get through the day, then it's a sign you need to re-evaluate your situation and stop drinking.
Full article here...

From alcohol to vanity. Scientists think they may have worked out why we go grey. Given societies fascination with youth, it is surely only a few short steps (and several millions of dollars) from grey to no grey.
Full article here...

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Currently reading: 'The Palace of Impossible Dreams' by Jennifer Fallon