29 October 2012

Long weekends

Bad Louise, Bad. running late on blog post again.
Excuse? Nope don't have one, so I'll just launch right in :)

We’ve just had a long weekend. I love weekends, even though they remind me how much I like holidays then make me go back to work.

Things I love about long weekends:
A chance to curl up with a good book, catch up with friends & family, 2 late nights without work the next day ramifications.
The simple pleasures really :)
You know what I hate about long weekends:
Getting a cold on the Friday, feeling horrible all weekend, and then getting better just in time to go back to work.

Guess how I spent my long weekend?
You got it. Stuck inside with a box of tissues and a sad face.

Weekend just gone was much more the thing – but it was far too short!

Me Before the long weekend...

Me After the long weekend...

16 October 2012

The Science of Kissing

Hi All
Sorry no post last week, time escaped on me, and before I knew it I had lost a week.
So this week – kissing.

Who knew there was a whole field of scientific research devoted to this core enjoyable element of life - and core element of romance novels ;)
Well, the scientists who study it obviously knew, but for the rest of us it’s the study of philematology.

Want to know more – of course you do. Who doesn’t want more on kissing.
It turns out that kissing isn’t as simple as a fun way to show affection (or luurve), it’s all a bit more complex than that.
Many philemantologists – those who study kissing – agree that it developed as a way for mothers to pass pre-chewed food to their infants (think of birds who still do this, albeit without lips). However, that doesn’t explain a romantic meeting of lips between adults. As with so many things it turn out men & women may have different motivations. Snippets of an article below go some way to explaining.

“...According to Gordon Gallup Jr., a psychologist at the State University of New York at Albany, "females are much more prone to use kissing as a mate assessment device... and even within an ongoing relationship, they use kissing as a way to update and monitor its status”... Men, by contrast, use kissing as a means to an end—that is, sex. They were far more willing to have sex without kissing, his study found, and while a bad first kiss can be a deal-breaker for both genders, men are more willing to go ahead and have sex with someone whose kiss is unpleasant.

And how is all this assessment and evaluation being conducted? "At the moment of a kiss, there is a very complicated exchange of all kinds of different information," says Gallup. Some of it is in chemical form. Contained in male saliva, for example, are small amounts of testosterone, which is known to boost libido in both genders. It's possible, Gallup says, that repeated and prolonged exposure—that is, many make-out sessions over days and weeks and months—may increase the female's sex drive. (That might explain why men prefer sloppier kisses than women, too—they're trying to get her in the mood.)...”

Then of course there’s pheromones and all sorts of other chemical signals. Kissing means getting close enough to smell and taste, and smell also covers chemicals which may be present in saliva that are volatilized and sensed by the nasal cavity. All together this means is the building blocks for helping us determine whether someone is a good genetic match.

Finally the article added “...Kissing may also reinforce pair bonding, helping to maintain relationships. Research by Wendy Hill, a neuroscientist as well as provost and dean of the faculty at Lafayette College, has shown that kissing reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol...”

All that & fun too  :x
Full article here :x