29 October 2012

Long weekends

Bad Louise, Bad. running late on blog post again.
Excuse? Nope don't have one, so I'll just launch right in :)

We’ve just had a long weekend. I love weekends, even though they remind me how much I like holidays then make me go back to work.

Things I love about long weekends:
A chance to curl up with a good book, catch up with friends & family, 2 late nights without work the next day ramifications.
The simple pleasures really :)
You know what I hate about long weekends:
Getting a cold on the Friday, feeling horrible all weekend, and then getting better just in time to go back to work.

Guess how I spent my long weekend?
You got it. Stuck inside with a box of tissues and a sad face.

Weekend just gone was much more the thing – but it was far too short!

Me Before the long weekend...

Me After the long weekend...

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