28 September 2010

Is it a robot?

Is it a robot? Is it a snake? ... both?

This amazing robot moves like a snake, it even climbs trees.
This robot is built of modular pieces, and can wriggle, roll, & side-wind, just like the real thing. And you have to see the video of this thing climb a tree to really get an feeling for how life-like this thing is. Despite the emphasis placed on humanoid robots, animal-like bots have clear advantages and are relatively simpler to build. Snake bots could be hunting for survivors in fallen buildings after natural disasters. With modular design these bots could be as long as they needed. Read the full article to find out more.

21 September 2010

Spelling mistakes taken to a whole new level

I shared a few spelling errors last week. This weeks photos take those errors to a whole new level - a much more permanent level:

As long as he's not judging poor spelling:
Assuming he means the schooling system - which explains his current predicament:
One has to hope this is a persons unusual name rather than the day after today:

This really sums up the whole situation: a tragedy...

14 September 2010

Classic typos

Jeff Deck and Benjamin D. Herson traveled across the U.S. for two and a half months to find and correct typos in public signage. Here are some classics:

Your vs, You're

This is always a tricky one: restaurant The misplaced apostrophe:
The unnecessary apostrophe:
Personally I'd rather nibble on a dessert:

One of the reasons I so enjoy this sort of thing is that spelling really isn't one of my strong points :)

06 September 2010

young me / now me

Ever had a moment from your childhood you'd love to revisit - these people have.
I found this first shot particularly good for it's sheer mundane-ness.
Click to check out more.

Love the trousers :)