31 October 2011

Super Cats

Remember all those comic book characters, once totally normal then doused in chemical X, now they're superheroes? Sure you do. But what about cats? Or more specifically what about real live super-cats?
Scientists have created genetically modified cats. Their superpowers?  They glow in the dark & they're helping with AIDS research - and, oh my goodness, they're cute (creepy, but cute).

"The scientists inserted one gene into the cats that helps them resist the feline form of Aids. They also inserted a gene that produces a fluorescent protein called GFP. This protein - which is produced naturally in jellyfish - is commonly used in this area of research to monitor the activity of altered genes."

In other science news - jelly-based batteries.how did I get from cats to here you ask well...

Cats --> Jelly-meat --> jelly --> jelly batteries.

Simple :)

So Jelly batteries - safer, smaller, cheaper.
"A new polymer jelly could be the next big step forward for lithium batteries.
The jelly replaces the volatile and hazardous liquid electrolyte currently used in most lithium batteries.
Researchers from the University of Leeds hope their development leads to smaller, cheaper and safer gadgets.
Once on the market, the lithium jelly batteries could allow lighter laptop computers, and more efficient electric cars."

Ever think it sounds like we're living in a science fiction novel :)
In fact, it's often struck me that scientists don't need to write it, they live it :)