29 January 2013

TV meets Harlequin covers

On The Bachelor, TV 'dating' show, a contest was set up to further winnow down the prospective ladies. This time the evening was going to be filled with romance, Harlequin style. The contest: a photo shoot. The woman who showed the most cover-chemistry was the winner. The prize: not the bachelor, not yet anyway, instead a three-book cover contract with romance novel publishing giant - Harlequin.

The covers:
"Seduced" is the winner, with Kristy, a professional model, as the heroine.
My opinion - of all the participants Sean is the most natural/relaxed looking. He looks like he belongs in the scene, for the most part the women look self-conscious & stiff. Of course, they're the ones with the most to lose/gain. It's not that surprising he looks at ease.

I confess this is not a show I follow, I was grabbed by the cover shoot idea. None-the-less this line is worth sharing. Full link to episode summary.

Sean: "I do consider myself a man"(well, that's good, because it seems to be an intrinsic part of the show's premise. Also, why consider? Why didn't he just say "I am a man."? I mean it'd be self evident, but less like he wasn't 100% sure.)

14 January 2013


Some days the weather is just magical. I had to snap a photo of this rainbow disappearing into the ocean on a calm day. It was one of those awesome ones that makes a complete arc (my phone wasn't clever enough to capture more than a slice).
The biggest question I have about this sort of phenomenon is what about the pot of gold - does it get all wet?

On a related note, but something which didn't come from my camera - a rainbow from space.
The rainbow stretches diagonally across the image. The fun swirls are the von Karman vortex clouds.

 (Image: NASA image - from NewScientist.com)

08 January 2013

Marriage Proposal

Happy New Year!

I thought we would start the year off with a nice romance flavor.

I think this is a gesture that she'll remember for the rest of her life... but I always wonder with these very public proposals - what if she wants to say "no"? How much harder to tell him she's not quite ready for that next step with everybody watching...

But in this case, she said "yes", which makes it a lovely thing to start the year with :)