29 January 2013

TV meets Harlequin covers

On The Bachelor, TV 'dating' show, a contest was set up to further winnow down the prospective ladies. This time the evening was going to be filled with romance, Harlequin style. The contest: a photo shoot. The woman who showed the most cover-chemistry was the winner. The prize: not the bachelor, not yet anyway, instead a three-book cover contract with romance novel publishing giant - Harlequin.

The covers:
"Seduced" is the winner, with Kristy, a professional model, as the heroine.
My opinion - of all the participants Sean is the most natural/relaxed looking. He looks like he belongs in the scene, for the most part the women look self-conscious & stiff. Of course, they're the ones with the most to lose/gain. It's not that surprising he looks at ease.

I confess this is not a show I follow, I was grabbed by the cover shoot idea. None-the-less this line is worth sharing. Full link to episode summary.

Sean: "I do consider myself a man"(well, that's good, because it seems to be an intrinsic part of the show's premise. Also, why consider? Why didn't he just say "I am a man."? I mean it'd be self evident, but less like he wasn't 100% sure.)

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