30 April 2009

No Regrets: The Best, Worst, & Most Ridiculous Tattoos Ever

Saw these and just had to share them with you.
Writer Aviva Yael got into a debate on the pros and cons of body art so she set about searching the internet and tattoo parlours for the best, worst and most ridiculous tattoos. See more.

Britney Spears shaved off all her hair, a truly timeless image. Hair grows back - tattoos are forever.

Taking customer loyalty a step too far...? "Do it" clearly did not apply to thinking.

What more can I add? He's already said it all.

If someone told me This belonged to the guy above I can't say I would express any surprise. NB: the ass pimples are the pièce de résistance.

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Currently reading: 'To Catch a Wolf' by Susan Krinard
Okay, but so far (and I'm not finished the book) there is little time for the main characters to be together getting to know each other, so the tension is struggling to build between them. I need more than, "oh yay we're the same species" on which to build a relationship.

22 April 2009

Even Demons Get the Blues

Damn, another nasty cold. Why are they picking one me? First a nasty head cold now a nasty chest cold - phah!

For those who love to win a chance to try a new author, debut author and fellow Kiwi, Maree Anderson is giving away a PDF ARC of Even Demons Get the Blues (an erotic paranormal romance from Red Sage), check out her website to enter.

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Currently reading: 'Single White Vampire' by Lyndsay Sands.
First time I've read one of her books, very pleasantly surprised as I got a few nice laughs out of this :)

09 April 2009

Happy Easter

Good Friday tomorrow and the start of the Easter break. Yay!!
Got lots of heavy editing plans - hopefully I find time to put said plans into action.
Hope all of you enjoy your break, catch up next week.

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Currently reading: 'All Tangled up in You' by Christina Dodd

03 April 2009

Battlestar Galactica

Been a bit slack posting this week due to nasty cold then lots of work.
Got a big stack of printouts sitting on my desk crying out for me to take the red pen to them but I've been slack on that too, I've been watching the end of Battlestar Galactica. Really enjoyed hte first three seasons but this last one i felt lost focus somewhat. There were quite a few flat episodes and the tension was lacking. The season felt a lost as the survivors. But despite my reservations a good story all up.

Two articles that tickled my fancy:
"Fiction world rocked as woman claims no sexual attraction to Neil Gaiman."
"TÖRdötCÖM’s plans for ebooks."

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Currently reading: 'Unleash the Night' by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I've just bought Nalini Singh's new one 'Angle's Blood' and am looking forward to starting that.