16 September 2013

Photo-shoot vs Photoshop

Okay, third time lucky, last cover post for a little while. Next week we'll move on to something different. This week I thought it would be fun to look at the little changes that get made to photos before they hit the covers.

I've tried to pic the changes, let me know if you spot anything else.

Dress darker, skin more tan, her ear ring & his hair's changed.

Skin more tan, changed her corset & dress.

Her ear ring, dress darker & now covers part of her arm, other than background that's what I spotted.

(I'm afraid I can't give you the original source of these photos, but here's my link)

09 September 2013

Covers Children's vs Adult

Looking at some of the re-designed covers last week made me think of how covers get re-designed when books massively move readership. I'm thinking here of children's books that catch the adult imagination and are then given adult covers as well. This means the books can now easily sit in two places in the book store, and if an adult is reading one, they don't need to feel weird about reading kids books (and not to kids).

Harry Potter is of course the classic cross-over book.

This is probably more YA than true kids book.

Phillip Pulman's Dark Materials is an interesting one because although the main character is a child the author has said the book was never truly targeted at children.

The most recent popular cross-over success

03 September 2013

Old cover vs new Cover

It's s little while since I've done a covers post.
Here are some covers that have been redesigned for re-release - which do you prefer old or new?

What's interesting about these two, is that even before the re-release (below), there was a change in approach. 

  Re-release (below) has a much more suspense feel. I haven't read these so I can't tell you if that seem like the right approach. However they are YA, to me the original (top) covers seem more YA, maybe they are trying to broaden there readership?

 Old (left), new (right), for images below

This is a redesign of a much older cover :)