29 June 2010

Brontë Sisters Power Dolls

As a fan of Jane Eyre I couldn't go past this.

Human with a Twist comes out not this weekend but next (July 9th)
Print & eBook

I'll do my regular post on Mon/Tue then over the weekend I'll be running a giveaway. Come over and join me for a chance to win :)

22 June 2010

library love

Who doesn't have dreams? Or should that be who doesn't have dream libraries?

I was mooching the web looking for library lovlies (personal not the public kind) and came across these rather nice specimens.

15 June 2010

Coming Soon...

My book Human with a Twist is up on the web and coming soon :)
Check it out at The Wild Rose Press.
I'm pretty excited to see it entering the big wide world for the first time.

Closer to the release date I'll be running a competition with free copies - so check back here and find out the details.

08 June 2010

covers by country

A little while ago I posted about different covers in different markets. Then just recently I found an article in the Guardian that talked about the same topic (article here). So, I thought I would revisit the subject. Here's the Guardian's example of the UK & French covers:

And and three other recent popular titles I thought showed interesting variations:

Faced with the different covers, which would you choose?

Music: Girl Talk
Reading: 'The Desert Spear' by Peter V Brett
This is the second book in the series and it's turning out to be a good fantasy series, looking forward to the next one.

01 June 2010

Cosmo - the Disney edition

This issue of Cosmo magazine brought to you by Disney's Princesses...

Music: Tangerine Dream
Reading: 'Dreamfever' by Karen Marie Moning
OMG - what a cliffhanger!