05 February 2013

Romance Novels - Why the scorn?

Why do some people scorn romance novels? Why do others feel shame for reading them?
We've all been there, on one side or the other. 
I'll admit, even as a self-confessed reader of romance, as well a published author in the genre, I've felt the need to hide my love of romance novels. Why? Why do so many of us feel this way? Why do we anticipate such negative responses from people when we share the truth?

Ms Rodale did some research for her master degree at New York University.  "Despite their popularity and profitability, romance novels have long been scorned and ridiculed as trashy literature. Is it the covers? Is because the audience and authors are largely comprised of women? Or it something else..." By Maya Rodale

Have a gander at this video for more: 

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