19 February 2013

Sci-fi covers

I know the covers usually seen here are romance, this week we're going to take a walk in a different park, the sci-fi & fantasy cover fun park, where we'll ride only the worst rides, I mean covers.

Thanks to Good Show Sir for putting these and more, all in one place.

Did you spot it? Yes, that a purple fetus above the weird face.

Not surprised it's a virgin plant, she doesn't appear to have any genitalia.

I'm not sure, is he underwater, or on land? Either way he looks like he's about to trip.

Search the foliage for what's hidden. I don't mean things that would normally be covered by a Maple leaf, I mean the electronic gadgets.

Nice quote from the author on this one: "This is the cover to my first novel. It didn’t sell well. My editor/publisher blamed me, of course. This looks like a Harlequin romance. Even I wouldn’t have purchased this book." Published 1981
To be fair, Mr Cook, it may look a bit romance-y, but it wouldn't be a good romance cover either. It would just show up on worst romance cover blogs instead of worst Sci-fi cover blogs.

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