17 October 2011

eGadgets: men vs. women

eReaders vs. tablets. Men vs. women.

     I came across a fun little article that looks at recent AC Nielsen data, and asks if it's too soon to be making gender stereotypes. Apparently recent surveys show that women love their eReaders and men their tablets. 61% of reader owners were women; 57% of tablet owners are men.
     Now I'm not sure one way or the other. After all, the stats are pretty close, but the first thing I thought... I love my Sony Reader and my husband loves his iPad. hmmmm

 Other interesting snippets:
Phones on the other hand are "equal handed" in male/female ownership.
And older users are starting to pick up the new tech.

Technology is changing so fast, nonetheless in's interesting to see where we are, and to wonder where we'll end up :)

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