15 October 2009

Actual Vampire Killing Kit

As someone whose first book includes vampires I simply had to post this:
A genuine, antique, vampire killing kit. (It's a legitimate antique being offered at auction by Steven Auctions in Mississippi).
Lot #1553 (description): Rosewood case with mother of pearl cross inlay, pistol, silver bullets in coffin case, Holy water vials, cleaver, prayer book, looking glass & silver occult daggerI think we can all take this as a warning. If there are genuine vampire killing kits, then logic says there must be genuine vampires out there to kill :)

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Jaclyn Tracey said...

that would be the coolest thing to own...as long as you didn't have to use it:)

LouiseD said...

I was tempted to put in a bid :)
But since:
1. I'm not athletic enough to to be Buffy - although I am blonde enough :)
2. and I have no place to display it as something that cool should be displayed,
it would just become another piece of clutter in my house which already has too much stuff searching for space.

Julianna Sage said...

I love it! I want it! But for the same reasons you stated, I would have to pass. Not to mention, one authentic kit recently sold for nearly $15,000. There are a lot of collectors of cool stuff out there, many with way more "mad money" than I have!
Great pic, thanks for sharing!

Eleni Konstantine said...

That is so cool. Thanks Louise.