27 May 2009

Celebrity books

Okay, I admit it, it annoys me. I know I should rise above it but... you guessed it, I fail miserably.
To what do I refer you inquire?
Celebrity books, this case the hijacked ship's captain getting a book deal.

Most writers slave away in anonymity. Trying to bring to life the stories in our heads in a way that will entertain readers - bring them back for more. We dream of simply getting our books accepted (most of us know huge book deals are even more fantastical than the fiction we create), and put hours of work into writing and editing, then suffering the awful wait and possible rejection when we send our babies out into the cruel, cruel world.

Then there are celeb books. Whether they be long term or flash in the pan celebrities, books deals seem to tumble into their laps. Had these people ever even thought of writing a book (or getting it ghost written) until someone offered them mega bucks - probably not. Do they really care about the book or the readers - probably not.

I'll be lucky if I can afford a new fridge with what I'll earn from my first book; they get to go home and swim in their money, without having put in the hard graft to get there. I'm not saying this fellow, Captain Richard Philips, didn't do a brave thing; but it's hard not to be annoyed when someone who doesn't care about your dream, gets your dream.

Anyway, enough bitterness. Before I head back to my writing cave I'll leave you with a link to an article "When Love Is Strange: Romance Continues its Affair with the Supernatural".

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