03 June 2009


Just had a long weekend here in NZ - woo hoo.

Went and saw Sneaky Sound System on Saturday night - very good. They came on a little late and the DJ opening for them was, well, not to put too fine a point on it, boring. But after the yawn fest Sneaky rocked. You can check them out on their myspace page (and have a little listen). 'I love it' is one of their big hits, although personally my favourite is 'UFO' - what am I saying? It's all good :)

Book gets closer to completion by the day - I'm eyeball deep in what must be close the final bout of edits. So, hang onto you shirts and shoes people, we're getting there :)

Music: !!!
Don't ask me I don't understand it either :) (say - check, check, check - apparently).
But I'm mixing it up - just had Van Halen blasting in the car. I'm thinking Fat Freddy's Drop for the ride home.
Currently reading: 'Lover Avenged' JR Ward's latest offering
Great so far - Rehvenge is a complex conflicted character (although I admit I can't wait for the next one which looks like it's going to be about John Matthew)

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