22 June 2009

Top 10 things a romance hero needs

It's something oft discussed - what makes a good hero? I was wandering around the web - as one does - when I came across this list and thought I'd throw it out here...

  1. 1. Good Looks - if gazing at him doesn’t get your motor running and your engine purring, he’s not the hero of your dreams.
    • Synonyms: Casanova, Adonis
  2. 2. Skills in the Bedroom - or in the shower, on top of the kitchen table, on the living room floor, against a wall, on the stairs, in the car, ahem… you know where this is going.
    • Synonyms: it frequently goes by the term Heroic Wang of Mighty Loving.
  3. 3. Brawn and Brains - nothing kills a hero’s heroism faster than stupidity. Intelligence is as sexy as muscles!
    • Synonyms: Nerd, Geek
  4. 4. Charm - if he can’t charm his way into your knickers with a smile, something’s wrong.
    • Synonyms: Magnetism, Thrall, Charisma, Magic
  5. 5. Domestic Skills - if he cooks, cleans, and gives orgasms in sets of three or more, he’s never allowed out of the house. His name is slave and he answers to Master.
    • Synonyms: Maid, Chef, Sex God
  6. 6. Brooding - all heroes brood, it’s built into their genetic makeup. We females simply can’t resist a good brood, it’s our kryptonite.
    • Synonyms: Sulking, Moping, Pouting
  7. 7. Possessiveness - they have it, how often they express it is another matter to be taken up by the subgenre or author.
    • Synonyms: Beast, Alpha Male, Green Eyed Monster, Jealousy
  8. 8. Wealth - not just money, the hero must also be wealthy in knowledge, social connections, life skills, common sense… hold on the last one until later in the novel, because otherwise there might not be a story.
    • Synonyms: Resources
  9. 9. Stubbornness - you didn’t read that wrong. They’re male, it’s one of the few flaws we allow them, but only when it serves our purposes.
    • Synonyms: Persistence, Perseverance; Inflexibility, Pigheadedness
  10. 10. Heroine - what’s the point of #1-9 if he doesn’t have #10?
    • Synonyms: She came, she conquered, and he’s forever enslaved to the Magic Hoo-Hoo.
I was going to comment and discuss, but damn it all if after I read the whole list that didn't sum things up pretty well. I thought humour - but then number 4 kind of covers that. The only other things I could think of adding were honour and a good heart, but they could easily fall under #8.

If you're looking for a more detailed list why don't you have a gander at the list composed by Mills & Boon and see how it compares. Their list relates specifically to their different lines and it's interesting to compare the heroes in each line. Although their list mentions particular traits the list above doesn't include by name, all the traits could probably be wedged into the 10 above.

I'll leave you to add your thoughts/criteria...

PS: You know something else when I compared my hubby to the list I decided I was a pretty lucky woman :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the list :)

The one point that got me thinking was the whole alpha male thing. It does seem key to heroes (and I love it) but the reality is that most men aren't. Any thought on books that don't have alpha male heroes?

LouiseD said...

Earlier in the year I reviewed 'Embraced by Love' by Suzanne Brockmann. The hero in this book, while strong, capable, and aware of his worth, isn't what I would call Alpha. Until near the end of the book he wants to be with the heroine so much he lets her call the shots in their relationship (not an alpha trait). It was actually a very good read and I'd recommend it.
Full post here: http://louisewrites.blogspot.com/2009/02/good-read.html

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I love the list! It makes me wanna write a romance novel and put myself as the hero.

IBM Cartridges said...

Romance hero needs some heart over power. It must be sweet rather than pure conflicts.