14 May 2009

For writers out there

Having trouble with your characters not co-operating, or your plot exploding, Holly Lisle has posted the first two of a series of writing tip videos (what she calls crash testing for writing).
She takes a sample piece writing and gives examples of how to make it more powerful...

The case of the exploding cat:
  • Plot crash
  • Characterization crash
  • Style crash
  • Structural crash

The case of the undead patrician:
  • Viewpoint/filter crash
  • Priority crash
  • Human nature crash
  • Structural crash

Part 1

Part 2

If I can work out how to get this as one video instead of two I will (for some reason I can't make the code on her site work).

Holly Lisle strongly believes in paying it forward in term of giving advice to writers and I recommend giving these a watch. Her website.

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