17 June 2014

Best Cover Competition

It's that time of year again. The Cover Cafe's romance covers competition results are in.
This week the the winner - next week you guess it the cringe contenders.

So the best of 2013 (follow links to get full list):

Avant Garde:

In First Place:
Lady of Ashes

Cover Cafe's Mary Alice says: "This cover is captivating. The gray, foggy, gloomy background gives this an other-worldly feeling to the cover. The stark black outfit of the woman, combined with the lily white hand and just a peek of her face makes her seem so frail and vulnerable. The lacy parasol and font give it a Victorian setting. And the red rose held behind her give it a romantic element. The red of the font leads me to believe she has something to hide. "

 Pieces For You is one of two covers tied for 7th place. 

I liked this one because the colours stand out and it's just that little bit different. 

Cora B. says: "I love the graphic style and the simplicity of the cover as well as the contrast between the bright blue and the black background. And that little red heart inside the phoenix is just perfect."

In first place in the contemporary category:

Okay, it's the loverly flame dress.

Elyse found humor in the flaming dress: “The dress, of course! It's mesmerizing! Although I'm a bit worried the heroine will be scorched, I'll assume she has special powers to protect her legs from those flames!”

 Two other covers in the contemporary category. 

 Water Witch (2nd place) has a lovely sensual feel,
and the colours on Carolina Girl (12th place) are so evocative.  

First Place in the Historical Category:
Forsaken Dreams

I think it's the dress that wins this one as well. It almost looks like the inside of a paua/abalone shell. Plus there's all that misty mystery.

Of course, there was that stunning dress. Judy W. said: "This category is filled to the brim with women standing in beautiful dresses but I liked this one best. The smoky effect of the fog that almost matches the blue of her dress and the cloudy sky that looks about to erupt makes this cover really moody looking. Love it."

Clockwork Princess came in third, and I have to say I loved it. It's the ideal bookworm cover :) the magic of the book takes centre stage and the rest of the cover keeps pace.

Caro said: "The open book with the light coming out got me right away. That's what I feel every time I open a book - excitement to see a story shine."
Sheila S.: "There are so many things going on in this cover that make you want to read the book. Also love the dress she is wearing."
Two Image Covers

And finally the winner of the Two Image Covers Category:
Winter Queen

Michelle W. commented: “This is a beautiful image and it blends perfectly as a wraparound cover. No jolting change. It evokes the fantasy theme of the book. Lovely colour palette of purples used, from darkest almost-black to lavender and mauve, suiting the winter of the title...”

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