02 August 2011

Cover Contest - the best cont...

Last week we looked at Cover Cafe's best covers in Alternate Reality, Contemporary, & Historical. This week Series, & two image covers...

1st place Series cover
 Deborah L. appreciated all aspects of the cover: “I like the spooky feeling of the illustration, and the fade effect on the text adds to that. As a plus, the text is easy to read, and the series banner isn't obtrusive…”
1st place 2 image cover
 The look on the heroine's face tipped the balance. So often the faces on covers are simply generic and bland. This girl's eyes are particularly telling, seeming full of uncertainty. The light through the window is beautifully done and falls upon the heroine softly. The title does not impinge upon the figure and the lettering has a colour echo in her sleeves, as well as the style echoing her pose.”

2 place 2 image cover
 Jen B.: “I love the muted background being pushed back by the bright red dress. But, it's the model’s body shape that is so interesting. At first, I thought she was talking to someone or maybe mid gesture getting ready to point at something. Then I saw to full cover and it's kind of spooky that it's all graveyard. I would definitely stop in the bookstore and pick this one up.”

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