30 August 2011


We've all got things we love. Stories that inspire us.

But when it comes to being inspiring, I can only hope that one day I get a fraction as inspiring as this next image. This guy not only loves the story, he loves the gadgets. On top of that he has skills a lot of us simply don't have to make stories come to life in our lives. Except, what's even more inspiring - he learnt a lot of those skills simply to bring his dream to life.

When it comes to famous cars this one's special because, well, it's not real... except now it is. This is a replica of the Batmobile from the latest Batman movies. Bob Dullam built this cool car from scratch over the five years.

And when it comes to cool tech this next invention is awesome.

Researchers have developed a universal robotic hand - they call it a gripper - but that's just fancy science language for hand  :)  Except that by thinking of another term they progressed further. Language can take us beyond the bounds of our minds, or this reality, it can also trap us. When we use the word hand, we think of a specific thing. That limits us. It limits us to fingers etc... By not using the word hand these researches weren't limited to fingers, and they came up with a new concept.

The gripper is actually a balloon which conforms to and grips almost any small object strongly enough to pick it up. To grip an object, the gripper creates a vacuum in the balloon, later it's then  to let go of the object just by releasing the vacuum.

Very cool. The power of ideas and of language.

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