26 July 2011

Cover contest - the best

Every year Cover Cafe has a competition for the best & worst covers. So how did 2010 covers stack up? ... 

I've got the first placed in each of the categories (except worst, we'll save them for another day). I've also added my favorite comment(s) because it's always fun to know why people enjoyed a cover.

1st place for Alternate Reality
 Jules R. commented: ”I love the simplicity, the focus, the details left to the imagination. The color scheme is gorgeous. It intrigues and leaves you wanting to know what happens.”
This one placed 3rd (in alternate reality) & it's caught my attention on shelves a number of times. I really like it and what's interesting is it's similarity in style to the 1st place winner.

1st place Contemporary
 Nancy: "I looked at the cover and was filled with a longing to be in a place like that – so magical."
Carolyn G: "Beautiful composition. Pulls the reader into the mood but allows them to form their own image of the characters."

3rd place: I love
joyous connection
between the characters
6th place. I loved
the colors on this
one, so evocative.
10th. I liked the
strange atmosphere
the colors on this one
create, and that
she is walking away.

1st place Historical
Courtney L.: "I love the mystery and longing in this picture... it just calls to me like a light in the darkness.
3rd place Historical. I'm not a huge fan of the white carriage, but I love the beckoning image of a mysterious male.

Next week: Series & 2 image covers.

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