19 July 2011

covers, Austen & fish

I know I often go on about covers, especially how authors have very little control over their covers. Sometimes however there is an exception to the rule. I thought this one was worth sharing.

Version pulled together by the author. Her vision of what she wanted her cover to look like (or as close to as a non-design professional can get)

Here's the final version. The design department must have loved her ideas :) And not only loved them, but thought they would work in the market.
 In other news... an unfinished Jane Austen manuscript sold at auction in London for almost a million pounds. The Watsons is the earliest surviving manuscript for an Austen novel, probably written around 1804.
All the edits and changes all over it, it looks like mine :) Not, of course, mine are ever going to sell for that much :)

And on an unrelated note...
Finally a fun picture just for the fun of it.

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