11 November 2009

Pretty pictures: how small can you go?

Last week was a really word heavy post, so I thought this week I would make it visually fantastic. Check some some shots from 35 years of the world's best microscope photography:

2009: Florescent actin protein filaments

2009: part of flowering plant

2006: mouse colon

2004: quantum dot nanocrystals deposited on a silicone substrate

2003: filamentous actin and microtubules

1996: doxorubin in methanol & dimethylbenzenesulfonic acid

1987: crystals of influenza virus neuraminidase isolated from terns

1985: formalin-fixed whole mount of a spiral nematode

1981: collapsed bubbles from an annealed experimental electronic sealing glass

1978: gold, vaporised in a tungsten boat, in a vacuum evaporator

Some very cool pictures. What I find fun is my brain trying to put some meaning and order into the image before I know what it is (and sometimes even afterwards). It's like entering another, weird and wonderful world.

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