10 August 2009


Got dropped down to dial-up speed on the ol' interweb last week and in a hate session with lack of speed I didn't do a post.

To catchup I've been mooching around the web so I thought I'd share a few news snippets with you:
- How do you know when to lose weight? Well, it depends on whether your weight is working for you. For instance if you plan to hide a gun in your rolls of fat.
- Failed hypnotist fines for failed kiss. I bet there are people everywhere who dream of the power they'd have if only they could hypnotize their dates.
- is Narcissism an infectious disease? Okay it's not really about that despite the title, but it is a rant about the prevalence of Narcissism.
- Hooked on the survivor TV show, now you can live it - kind of. There's been Survivor Gabon and Survivor Tocantins now there's Survivor Resort. A nice resort without, well, the nice.
- Why we shouldn't be afraid to get older - research shows we're happier as we get older.

Have fun with those little time wasters :)

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Currently reading: 'The madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie' by Jennifer Ashley


A Muser said...

I wonder if its narcissistic to complain that everyone is a narcissist.... ;)

printer cartirdge supplies said...

Nice comment A Muser! Lol. I hate dial- up connections since it can't help me connect to the internet with the most fastest speed.