19 August 2009

RWNZ conference

This weekend is the Romance Writers of New Zealand conference.
I'm looking forward to getting together with a whole lot of other writers, published and unpublished, and sharing ideas and learning more about our craft and industry.

The organizers have arranged some wonderful speakers...
Two guests from the US: Mary Jo Putney, who writes historicals & paranormal historicals, and Melissa Jeglinski, an agent with The Knight Agency.
Plus from the UK: Mary Teresa Hussey, executive editor at Harlequin.
And from little ol' NZ: Fiona Brand, Nalini Singh, Sara Hantz, Amanda Ashby, Karina Bliss, Abby Gaines, Sandra Hyatt, Tessa Radley, Trish Morey, Yvonne Lindsay, Gracie Stanners, Robyn Donald & Daphne Clair. (Whew, I hope I didn't miss anyone).

I hope your weekend has as much enjoyment potential as mine :)

Music: Little Boots
Currently reading: 'Paradise' by Judith McNaught
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