28 July 2009

The President & the romance novel

"This looks sexy," the President said, looking at the book the author had just handed him.

President Obama was doing his hand-shaking thang this month when he was handed a book by Geri Krotow.
Krotow, former naval intelligence officer and Annapolis graduate, is the wife of the current naval attache stationed at the American Embassy in Moscow.

She is also the author of A Rendezvous to Remember. She said she signed the book for Michelle Obama and no doubt expected the President to simply hand the book on, however, he clearly couldn't resist a peak inside. He stopped, turned it over, read the back flap, and began thumbing the pages.

The reason I had to post this is the expression on his face is absolutely classic.

Any thoughts on whether he's going to be a new covert to the genre - or are you just dying to rush out and buy the book, if for no other reason than to see what could possibly have put that expression on his face. :)

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currently reading: 'Firestorm' by Iris Johansen
Yes, 'Feast of Souls' has fallen by the wayside again - not an auspicious start.
Read 'Acheron' by Sherrilyn Kenyon again over the weekend - it has to be my favorite of her Dark-Hunter novels to date.


Sandra Hyatt said...

Ooh - I wonder what page he was on?

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Mr. President's expression is funny. I wonder what line makes his expression like that? I am really curious.