05 May 2014

Library Love

According to a recent study going to the library makes us happy. Or rather a happiness money can't buy. How much money? Happiness equivalent to a £1,359 pay rise. A least that's the results of a recent study commissioned by Britain's Department of Culture, Media & Sport. They wanted to know which activities have positive impact on people's wellbeing. 

Another study shows that libraries make help create stronger communities. They are places to socialise, places to learn, and they are often physically in the heart of a community. 

With eBooks and the internet gaining in popularity libraries are taking a hit. But we need to remember what they bring to our communities. A place to gather, learn, connect with events and people in out communities. Libraries don't just have fiction and non-fiction books, they have noticeboards, guest speakers, and helpful librarians. 

Librarians you say, but those ladies are scary. So not true. Not only are not all librarians women, they are certainly not scary, they are people who love books and love knowledge and they want to share that with other. Don't believe me, here's a list of 9 reasons librarians are great

Photo: Jesse Fox: Music librarian Steven Kemple

 So the question you need to ask yourself is...have you visited you local library lately?

This blog post sound a bit biased? Well, it would, written by an ex-librarian romance writer bookworm   :)

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