20 May 2014

Drinkable book

Official world wide release for EMBRACED BY FIRE.
This means it'll be available print & eBook from retailers other than Amazon, so non-Amazonians now's your chance :)

Now on with our scheduled program...

Over the years I've linked to some very fancy books:
Books as fashion
Crazy designs - like a recipe book printed on sheets of fresh pasta
Edible books
A 16th century book that opened 6 ways

But this next book though is something special. It provides safe drinking water. The book itself is a guid to safe drinking water - the kicker - the pages can be removed and used as filters, thus creating safe drinking water. Water is Life is a charity organisation that focuses on safe drinking water in the developing world. This book is a project that seeks to combine an educational resource with a practical tool.

How does it work: "Each page is impregnated with silver nanoparticles (which gives the paper its distinctive orange colouring). The nanoparticles don't quite work like a traditional filter. Rather than providing a barrier, they actually kill the bacteria as they pass through the paper. As the water runs through, the bacteria absorb the silver ions, which kill the bacteria." 

The book has enough pages to last about 4 years (depending on usage). So, next time you take a nice cool drink of water, think about the people who aren't so lucky. Then, raise your glass to the people who are trying to make a difference (or become one of them.)

(Full article here)

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