04 February 2014

The power & preverlance of airbrushing

A quick reminder my new paranormal romance is out at Amazon. Embraced by FireA secret agent undercover as a fire-eater, this man is as dangerous as the fire with which he plays.

Okay that over with, let's move on :)
The 2011 viral video below showing photoshop manipulation on a magazine model has been doing the rounds agin.

Yes, I know models in magazines have been photoshopped.
Yes, I know they are setting an unrealistic expectation of body-image.
Yes, I know these things. Despite that I can't help feeling inadequate (too fat, bumpy, pale, old...you get the idea) when I see these images.

As a result I don't think it hurts to have a vivid reminder of the manipulation that goes on, the better to avoid being manipulated. That it's not just lighting and makeup, it's not just touch up, it's all out adjustment.

Watch a woman go from normal to...well..Barbie.

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