11 February 2014

The power and prevalence of airbrushing (part II)

Last week we looked at a model beginning with the photo-shoot & ending with the photoshop.
Following on from that on the same theme, a BBC journalist Tulip Mazumdar decided to see what photoshop could accomplish on her. [article] She talks to photographers and other industry insiders, as well as models. It's a nice little article. So how did she feel...

"It was a brutal experience...She took around 10 years and three stone off me. All in less than an hour...Every blemish vanished from my skin, as did the scar on my forehead. She whitened my face, lengthened my neck, changed the shape of my nose, widened my eyes, elongated my legs, sliced off parts of my arms and thighs and narrowed my hips...Suddenly the original images that I was quite happy with at the start, looked old, tired and a bit chubby."

It doesn't matter how beautiful you are to start with, from Jennifer Lawrence to Keira Knightly no one is safe from the photoshop brush. That being the case how can we possibly compete. We can't. Somehow when you flick through the next magazine remind yourself that it's not just make-up and lighting, don't think that in the right circumstances (clothes, products, diet...) you could look the same, because even the people in the photos don't look like the people in the photos.

Jennifer Lawrence

Charlize Theron

 Kate Moss


Top Model herself - Tyra Banks

Keira Knightly

And less you think it's only women who get the photoshop brush...

George Clooney

Owen Wilson

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