14 July 2013

New Cover! Embraced by Fire

I've got wonderful news to share with you - Wild Rose Press has contracted my latest book :)
And I've got my new cover to share with you.
I don't yet have a release date, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.

My new cover for EMBRACED BY FIRE.

A secret agent working undercover as a fire-eater,
this man is as dangerous as the fire with which he plays.

As some of you noted I originally forgot to add any succulent details about the story.
So here's the blurb as requested:

          The last thing Ryu McKay needs on a mission to expose a black market information ring is a simmering attraction to his boss. Not only is he undercover, he needs to keep his shape-shifter identity a secret. Despite his desire, he dare not act on his attraction.

          For Kait, excitement and that one special man exist only in her dreams.  However, everything changes when Ryu walks into her office looking for a job as a fire-eater.  Now she wants nothing more than to turn her dreams into reality.

          Kait’s attraction to Ryu grows, but can it survive the secrets he's hiding?  Like the fire with which he plays, this man is dangerous.

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A Muser said...

Looks awesome :) grats!