23 July 2013

Marrying his forgotten sweetheart

As a romance writer I love real life stories which tug the heart strings. I was mooching around on the guardian when I came across a story about a woman who married her childhood sweetheart after he lost  his memory.

Jane was surprised when Kevin rang her out of the blue. Surprised because 8 years earlier she'd been dumped because he decided he'd rather play football and hang out with his mates. The 14 year old Jane had been heartbroken (in I'm sure classic teenage fashion). Now she was sure the call was a joke. What could he possibly want? Something else bothered her, he sounded completely different.

Kevin had been in a motorcycle accident, suffered a brain injury and as a result lost his memory. His doctors had suggested he reconnect with people from his past and try to trigger those lost memories. On Friends Reunited he'd spotted her name and decided to call her. Now he needed to know if he was right, did she know him? Could she, would she, help him try to recover his memories?

A sensible woman, Jane called his mum to check the facts. It was true. She decided to help him.

During their trips to old haunts, and talking about the past, Jane discovered the new man Kevin had become. What's more she like him. He wasn't the boy with surfer-style hair. He was a man who had suffered and fought to overcome.

One day they visited the place they'd first kissed as teenagers. It was here Kevin asked if he could kiss her again. She was delighted. That kiss was the start of a wonderful new relationship for them both.

Although I'm sure like any relationship this one still has it's ups and downs, when it comes to the story telling aspect it has a perfect ending. Kevin's moods stabilised and he regained his memories. They married and had twins. Together they are making wonderful new memories.

It's not everyday life gives us a happy ending :) Hope you enjoyed this one. 

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