23 July 2012

Prosthetics through the aes

After 3 posts on covers I thought we could use a pallet cleanser, but never fear I'll cover of the other categories next time. Today I thought we could look at something I personally found fascinating: prosthesis through the ages. If I thought of what people did before modern technology, guess I thought of cartoons of pirates and their wooden legs. Turns out things were more ingenious than I thought.

 Egyptian prosthetic toe, circa 950-710 BC

 Leg, 300BC from Italy.

 Metal arm 1500s

 1840-1940 metal hand

 Hand with fork attachment

 An arm for work with different hammer attachments - very steampunk.

 Leg, complete with joints at knee, ankle & toes

 A drawstring that closes the hand.

Gas powered arms made for a 12 yr old boy.

Not a happy topic, but certainly a fascinating one.
For better versions of the pictures and more info, go here.

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