16 July 2012

Best historical covers

After last week's scare-fest lets look at some more example of the good stuff. These are some of the best historical covers from 2011.

1st place:
 I love the feeling that I'm about to step into the room with her.

Elyse: “The use of light & shadow in this cover is superb. The heroine is neither headless nor only a back, yet she remains mysterious & intriguing. Not to mention the gorgeous chandelier!”

Malvina: “Simply simple and gorgeous. Stunning setting, stunning looking heroine in a lovely gown, muted but rich colors... she's looking out over the balcony wall... does she see 'him' coming? I think we all hope so!”

Jen: “The cover really depicts the character's loneliness even though she is surrounded by opulence. The fact that she is seen through an open door but she is turned looking out the window really evokes a feeling of longing to escape.”

 2nd place:

I do love the dress, but also the feeling that she fits her surroundings. I don't think I'm the only one on the dress :)

Mary Ann: “Love the ballroom dress and the color of the dress is striking.”

Krista: “The red dress just really stands out against the gold color of the room in the background. It makes the whole book cover look rich and lovely!”

 3rd place: This is another cover that had a lonely feel. Of wishes and dreams.

Roe: “Love the colors and the Cinderella fairy tale quality of the cover. Very pretty.”

Ariel: “The whites and pale blues are really striking. They give it a sort of fairy-tale effect, which the dreamy background and island further highlight. I'm not used to seeing those colors; usually there are more reds and blacks. So this one really stands out.”

This one uses come classic tropes but it reminds us that just because it's not unique doesn't mean it doesn't work.

Cover Cafe's Karen H.: " I really like that it's not another woman in a floaty gown seen from the back. I want a guy on my romance covers, not just a woman, since the point of a romance is the relationship between a couple. This picture makes me want to be on that balcony overlooking the water in a good-looking man's embrace. And, her dress is really pretty even if it's orange."

Ashley: “Seriously sexy! I love her dress and it's such a moody, intense scene!"

Cover Cafe's Karen W.: "I think this is the most difficult category this year! This is my choice because it's a traditional, romantic cover that manages to be sexy without anyone losing their clothes. (And what beautiful clothes they are!)"

5th place:
I like the sense of connection between the characters. They are laughing together, I don't feel like they know each other well, but that they would like to.

 Cover Cafe's Mary Alice: “Man in uniform, 1940's romance, mature hero and heroine (for once), no nudity or bodice ripping~what's not to like!!”

Rick B.: “This is an attractive depiction of a perfectly believable moment in a pivotal time in history. Not just for the USA, but a pivotal time for the whole globe.”

Katie: “Because it is such a sweet, touching scene that seems to be frozen in time. And I just love the innocence and sweetness between the couple as they look into each other’s eyes. SO sweet!”

More historical nominees here.

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