06 July 2010

Ilona’s Compendium To Leading Men

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Great blog from Ilona Andrews I've got to share.
She's created a wonderful list of different types of leading men in romantic fiction today....

The Aristocrat.

He’s urbane and smooth. He knows the right things to say, he has the right connections, and he is well respected by his peers: men see him as a strong ally and women view him as a desirable match.

He typically seeks a partner rather than an arm candy and he is secretly a passionate ball of raging lust underneath a cool exterior. He may infuriate you with his wit but he would never embarrass you in public and his manners are always flawless. There is no circumstance under which he would fail to afford a lady the courtesy she is entitled to.

To ensnare the Aristocrat, a lady must be, well, a lady, if not in birth than in spirit and manners, because nothing is more off-putting to this type than vulgarity and tackiness.


The Rake

The Rake is an enigma. He can be a cowboy, a British Lord, a pirate, or an Italian gazillionaire, but he is always charming, clever, and handsome as sin. He may pretend to be brainless, but he never is. He pursues women passionately and abandons them the moment after they succumb to his charms. Strangely, despite this cruel treatment, he is usually well liked, perhaps because he’s quite entertaining and because he makes a dangerous enemy.

The Rake is usually damaged by a deep childhood trauma. He has definite trust issues and taming him requires kindness and a great deal of patience rather than sharp wit and beauty. However, once properly tamed, he makes the most faithful of husbands.


The Madman

The Madman is driven. He tramples over the established rules. He’s a tempest of violent emotions: rage, pain, loneliness, suffering, he feels it all with the volume cranked up to 100%. He is often a product of a lifetime of abuse or hardship and he often feels that he’s cursed. Unlike the Rake, who masks his pain behind a harmless facade, the Madman carries his darkness like a banner. He doesn’t live, he battles life and revels in his hurt.

He doesn’t engage women, because he knows he’s bad for them, and when he does need a physical release, he would be the most likely of all types to seek release among prostitutes. The Madman is one of the hardest types to tame, because he is afraid of being happy. Should a lady aspire to tame one, she must be quick to react and be gentle, strong, or angry, as occasion demands.


The Hero

The Hero never fails to put himself between the lady and danger. He has moments of wickedness, but they’re are mostly harmless. He’s relatively well adjusted, he never hesitates, and while he may have doubts, in the end he will do the right thing every time. He’ll hit the bad guy with a chair, run across the molten lava, and rescue everyone against impossible odds. He’s dependable, manly, and kind, and women instinctively know that he will make an excellent father. Children like him, dogs follow him, and men view him as a born leader.

The Hero isn’t as tortured, conflicted, or complicated, but every woman wants one. His work is never done, so the lady who manages to snag one, has to be prepared for constant adventure.


The Victim

The Victim is angst personified. He’s in deep need of rescuing. The world is out to get him, and he lashes out against it. He is dangerous, because he always expects the worst and he tends to overreact to danger, perceived or otherwise. He’s suffers from attacks of melancholy and he’s prone to overkill, not because he’s enraged, but because he doesn’t want his enemies coming back to fight him again. His glass is always half empty. He feels the world has given up on him and he may whine about it. Despite all of his failings, the victim is basically good. He’s kind to the weak, he’ll stand up to the strong, and when push comes to shove, he’ll demonstrate surprising inner strength and willingness to shield others from danger.

He’s a creature of remarkable beauty and sensitivity and he will always tend to lady’s needs. Should a lady find herself in love with one, she should approach him equipped with an ample supply of Kleenex.


The Mercenary

The Mercenary always looks out for himself. He’s motivated only by personal gain. Of all the leading men, he’s the quickest on his feet. If he sees an opportunity, he grabs it. He’s a risk taker and rules and laws mean nothing to him. He’s a scoundrel, who will steal a lady’s virtue and her jewels. If you injure him, he will get even. He’s smart, fearless, ruthless, and he often sees humor in misery he creates.

Getting a Mercenary of your own is a tricky business. Kindness, patience, and virtue leaves this type cold. A lady would do much better with defiance and being ready to give as good as she gets. The Mercenary can’t resist a challenge and he’s greedy – once he gets a taste, he wants the whole thing.


The Genius

The Genius has talent, whether it is incredible intelligence, a gift of music, or the unusual sensitivity to fluctuations of the market. He’s a workaholic, so absorbed in his work that he is often oblivious to the world around him. While alert and competent within his chosen sphere of expertise, he’s often naive or at least exceptionally dense when it comes to the matters of the heart. He’s craves acceptance. He’s gentle to those he loves and kind, but his relationships, romantic and otherwise, will always take a second seat to his work.

A lady eager to catch attention of the Genius has to familiarize herself with the nature of his work, because the Genius values intellectual discourse even more than pleasures of intimate nature. Subtle hints and clever flirting do not work well with this type. A lady would do much better for herself if she hit him over the head with it.

Who's your favorite leading man? Does your real life preference differ from the type of men you like to read about?


wondertwins said...

hey,my favourite is the angst-driven one. i forsee that if i ever get one,he'll be fabulous in bed and we'll both not have children,which to me,is an ideal life together.
i'm a stranger who chanced upon your blog.

LouiseD said...

Hi Belvia
Welcome :)
Read & enjoy