10 July 2010

Happy Release Day! (day2)

Day 2 of giveaway goodness :)

Yes, Human with a Twist is released and ready to buy or, if you're lucky, to win.

To be in to win today's copy (PDF eBook) leave a comment saying what you think is the one vital ingredient of a good hero. What makes your heart beat faster? What makes a true hero for you? For additional chances to win mention this blog on Facebook, another blog, Twitter, etc... (one extra chance to win per mention) - good luck.

If you don't win you can buy a copy at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, All Romance, The Digibook Cafe, and many more locations :) It's out in eBook & Print - happy reading :)

Today I thought an excerpt might be fun:

“Anything I can do to help?” Gideon asked.

“You could open a bottle of wine. I forgot earlier.” She pointed the spoon she was holding at the small rack in the lounge. “Grab whatever takes your fancy. I hope the large selection isn’t too overwhelming.”

Gideon chuckled when he saw three lonesome bottles lying on the rack. Reaching down, he picked one of the reds. The corkscrew hung on a small hook on the side of the rack. He opened the bottle and set it on the table.

“Wine glasses?”

“Darn, I forgot them too.” Zara opened the cupboard and stood on tiptoe.

As she reached up to grab two glasses from the top shelf, she felt his heat against the length of her back. Stepping up behind her, he slid an arm around her waist, holding her steady.

“Oh.” She dropped her hands in surprise, her stomach muscles clenching at the contact.

With her arms out of the way he leaned over her shoulder, easily reaching the glasses. Her breath caught in her throat as his arm brushed the side of her breast. Good thing her long sleeves covered her arms or her goose bumps would be as obvious as her erratic breathing. He loosened his grip slightly and her heels dropped to the ground, but he didn’t release her. Bending his head, he trailed kisses down the side of her neck to the top of her shoulder.

“Mmm, you smell even better than dinner."


Anonymous said...

I good hero lets the hero see a part of him that no one else sees.

Anonymous said...

I like it when the hero and heroine make me laugh (Jen)

Anonymous said...

I like a dark mysterious hero