27 April 2010

Back of the head cover shot

As mentioned in Gallycat there's a new trend in women's fiction covers - the back of the head shots.

This is not a trend I hate, I should add, I actually like being able to imagine what the character look like, plus you escape that nasty feeling when the cover model looks nothing like the character in the book (well mostly, you still have hair colour to deal with, but one hopes the publishing team manged to get that right).

Even reissues are adopting the change.
old cover vs. new

Sometimes however, the trend is bucked.
Original design vs. final design

And don't think women's fiction is the only one getting this treatment.....

Music: Little Boots
reading: finishing 'Souless' by Gail Carriger
From Cyberpunk last week to Steampunk this week

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