16 March 2010

Tacky covers

Tacky covers. We've all seen them, and we've all winced.

Sarah Johnson put together a little collection that she culled from her own bookshelves. She's inspired me; I'm going to have to wade through my own shevles in the near future and find some lovely tacky examples therein, (and given the amount of fantasy I read there should be ample fodder).

Here are a few of Sarah's choices from her collection of historical novel art:

Oh, the font, people, the font.
I love the Times quote "Filled with colorful historical material."
Okay... well, that tells me a lot.

The "Naked Sword" (oo-er)
A lusty novel of the crusades. Subtely was not in the dictionary here.

The guy's face, could he be any creepier?
I'm not surprised she won't look at him.
"Torture and brutailty in a primitive land" - they have me conviced, just the cover is torture

Okay, I don't think I need to say anything - what could I say that they haven't already?

On a different (yet similar) note, follow the link to see cover design in action. Always wonder how the did it? Now you can find out.
Music: 'Plastic Beach' new Gorillaz album
Reading: 'Born of Ice' by Sherrilyn Kenyon
These are reissues (and rewrites) of older books. I'd love to get my hands on the older versions - just to compare

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