02 March 2010

news highlights

I was trying to think of something to write this week, and decided to share with you a few of the news articles that caught my attention as I wandered the web:

1) Physicists have applied the same laser techniques commonly used for tattoo removal to clean several famous works of art, including wall paintings.

2) Heard of microscopes? Well, open the door and welcome in the micro-ear. Scientists could soon be eavesdroping on tiny events and learning more than the eye can see. For example, it may allow researchers to listen to how a drug disrupts micro-organisms, in the same way as a mechanic might listen to a car's engine to find a fault.

3) Sometimes fashoin is downright scary. Some odd pictures here including some prototype shoes.

4) Code organ turns webpages into music. What's it for? No one knows, but it sounds like fun.

5) Physicist hunts for the meaning of time. Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist who focuses on theories of cosmology, field theory and gravitation by studying the evolution of the universe.

6) 6 things your body does everyday - that could destroy you

Music: Tiki Taane
Reading: 'Fired Up' by Jayne Ann Krentz

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