19 January 2010

Literature map

Fun website discovery of the week: Literature mapping.
Ever been stuck trying to decide what to read next? You really enjoyed the books you read by author X, and feel like something similar but what? Literature map is a great place ot start.
Say like me you like Nalini Singh (one of my favourite paranormal authors), or Katherine Kerr (great fantasy writer), all you do is stick in their names and it will generate a map of authors it deems similar.
Check out my maps below for the two authors I mentioned.
Okay, I admit at this size they're a bit busy and hard to read, but you get the idea - and that's exactly what I got, more ideas :)

Music: Shapeshifter
Reading: 'Devlin's Justice' by Particia Bray
(Not to be confused with Patricia Briggs. Bray writes fantasy, Briggs writes urban fantasy).

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A Muser said...

I will do one for me I think :)