12 January 2010


A cartoon thisweek which tickled my fancy, as a writer I know all about the divergence between reality and fiction.

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Music: Gnarles Barkley
Reading: 'Heart's Blood' by Juliet Marillier
I really enjoy all of Ms. Marillier's books to date (the Sevenwaters series has already rated a re-read). Her latest book 'Heart's Blood' has a slightly different feel to some of her other novels. There is less (to none) focus on the pagan/Christian side of things. Although there are Normans moving into Ireland, and there are the political conflicts this generates, this book is much more focused on the internal conflicts. With a first person POV (heroine) this is a journey story at heart as well as a romance (although I believe it's listed as Fantasy). It has been described as inspired by the Beauty & the Beast story - and I can see the parallels, but I would have to say the emphasis is on inspired, unlike 'Daughter of the Forest' which had clear roots in the 'Six Swans' Grimm Brothers story.

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