14 January 2009

Happy New Year

Yes, I know it's already more than a week into the new year but... better late than never.
Back at work after the holidays and still struggling with getting up on time to get to work - Ahh holiday sleep-ins :)

The holiday period was a nice relaxing break. The biggest excitement: my parents have just bought a puppy - Jasper. He's the cutest little thing and an endless source of amusement. It's so much fun to watch him exploring his new world; his little puppy butt barely keeping up with his tail as it goes crazy in excitement.

Music: Girl Talk
Currently reading: The Immortal Prince by Jennifer Fallon
One of my favourite fantasy authors. I was given the most recent book in her series for Christmas and have gone back to the beginning to read them all again before starting the next installment. One more book then this series is over - I'm looking forward to finding out how it ends.
Mood: thinking I need an early night to compensate for the early mornings.

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