23 September 2014

Marrying Mr Darcy - your time to shine

Very cool game I had to share. I confess it's sitting on my kitchen bench waiting to be opened - I can't wait.
Card game: Marrying Mr. Darcy.
Based on Jane Austen’s classic novel “Pride and Prejudice.” 2-6 players.

Each player Each player selects a heroine. Each heroine has a defining characteristic or special ability that allows for different strategies during play.

The Suitors are the six potential husbands inMarrying Mr. Darcy. Each suitor has different ideas of what sort of wife they are looking for. You must meet a Suitor's requirements before he will consider proposing to you.
Events from Pride and Prejudice, such as the Netherfield ball or Visiting Pemberley, instruct players on how their turn will proceed. The game will change each time you play depending on when events occur in the deck. For example if Mr. Bingley leaves for London early in the game, chances are good he will return to Netherfield and be available to marry. If he leaves near the end of the game, there could be one less suitor available to everyone.

Character cards can be used in a variety of ways. As the game begins, you are most concerned with earning points and building your Heroine's character to make yourself attractive to the best suitors possible. 

And this is where is sounds like it gets fun. 

As the game proceeds, you might become more concerned with making other players less attractive to suitors you are interested in, or in concealing cards to help secure your chances of a finding a good husband.
Not only that but there are cunning cards as well, these can be used to place attacks on the other players.

Perfect time to use: I anticipate a gathering of girlfriends and a couple of bottles on wine :)

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