22 April 2014

Taking the “intervention” up a notch

Sometimes friends are concerned, sometimes they’re VERY concerned. So concerned in fact they don’t think sitting down and having a serious chat is going to be enough. A serial drunk driver’s friends took things into their own hands when five convictions didn’t get the message across.

The friends set up a fake hospital room, complete with fake nurse and doctor. When the man passed out while drunk in his car he was moved into the room. When he woke he was told he had been in an accident and had been in a coma for 10 years.

Will he change? Is it even a real video? Whatever the case it's message about drunk driving is clear.
The one mistake I think they made was coming in so soon after giving him the news. It didn't really give the situation a chance to sink in. Didn't give him a chance to think things through. Plus they acted a bit like idiots. They called it a prank, and at the end it finished like it was a prank. 

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