04 March 2014

2014 covers

If you haven't been to Cover Cafe you should. Every year they run a competition for the best and worst cover of the year, they also look at the ongoing trends. I thought I'd give you a little update from them on where things are going.

Linnear has posted a new trend for 2014 (and she's a little peeved - this is not her favourite trend).
It's legs - that's right just legs.

She was a little more impressed with these two covers, feeling like they added a little something to the legs to get a better balance.

Then there's these two non-leg covers that I think stand a good chance of being nominated for best cover.
'Cruel Beauty' uses the 'staircase' trend, but with a lovely twist, adding lovely levels by incorporating the rose.

'Hidden Magic' has the 'woman facing away from camera' trend, but utilised differently because of the two layers of images.

I wonder what the rest of 2014 will hold?

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