10 December 2013

As a writer I'm always on the look out for interesting careers for my characters, or just to find out more about what makes the 'normal' ones interesting to the people who do them - or what makes them hates their jobs. What people spend their lives doing is great fuel for characters. For example in my next book my hero is a fire-eater (I'll let you know when I have a release date :)

Anyway, who doesn't like a guy who can dance; someone who knows and understands their body, has control and is physically fit? It has good potential for a story. Not a lot of men end up as professional dancers, so how did this (potential) hero end up as a dancer...or owning a dance studio? How has responded to people's reactions to what he does? To people who think he's gay, or that it's not a real job? How have those things shaped who he's become.

On that note, today's little video is of some guys and girls who have the moves.
It features:
Christopher Rice (of Broadway's Book of Mormon) as he dances alongside other Broadway and Broadway tour dancers to the hit Anna Kendrick song. "Cups Tap Dance"
Fun to watch, my only problem is the miss-match of the smiles on the sad lyrics.

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