02 April 2013

Fantastic sex & writing

On a regular basis, fantasy writer Patrick Rothfuss hosts a panel. The one below is very interesting - from my point of view anyway. If I had to pick two genres in which I primarily read they would be fantasy & romance. The issue that these four fantasy writers are discussing, namely writing sex scenes, is one that writers of romance have been dealing with for a long time. It's something I struggle with as a writer, I'm not out to write sex books, I'm out to write good stories. Good stories where a high proportion of that story is about two people over coming obstacles and ending up together. Ending up together involves sex.... so what and how to writer that?
How much is too much?
And likewise is your reader going to feel cheated if too little is covered on page?  etc.
10 Tips for Fantastic Sex - The Story Board Ep. 7

On a related note, thinking of writers who did sex well, I could think off three (pre 2000) off the top of my head: Judith Tarr, Juliet Marillier & Anne McCaffrey.
However, as time passes, more of the sex is happening on page.

As an unrelated note, I thoroughly enjoyed Patrick Rothfuss's 1st book "The name of the Wind" and have his 2nd one sitting on my shelf. I've held off starting it until the next book comes out so I can have a long sit don with the series. As a writer I can understand why the next book is not out yet, as a reader I'm champing at the bit.
I also really enjoyed the first two books by Peter Brett and am off to buy his latest one after this.
Guy Gavriel Kay - The author Jacqueline Carey mentions is also very good

PS: sorry this is quite a long video

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